Scars Above : Most Propitious Game in Gamescom 2022

Scars Above is a challenging third person, science fiction action adventure shooter game which is set in a mysterious alien world. It has a interesting story which gives gamers the rewarding feel of overcoming difficulty and exploring the new alien world. The trailer of the Scars Above game was released on 24th August, 2022, along with other games in Gamescom 2022. The game is developed by Mad Head Games.

Trailer of Scars Above


Scars Above features a team of scientist who are crash landed in an aggressive planet and have to survive from aliens based on their skills. The trailer looks fresh and promising and portrays some scenes from the game. It depicts how the protagonist along with her crew faces hardship on other planet full of aliens by solving few puzzles and fighting through enemies.
Scars Above
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The plot of the game Scars Above revolves around another planet “The Metahedron” which is full of aliens. The Sentient Contact Assessment and Response Team (SCAR) makes an attempt to research the planet, but find themselves stuck in the alien planet.

Dr. Kate is the main character (scientist) who is a genius women and natural fighter. The aim of the main character Dr. Kate is to search for her crew and solve the mystery behind mysterious events occurring in this new planet. She’ll be utilizing several weapons in the game such as VERA, melee and other ranged weapons while combating with the aliens.
Scars Above Dr Kate
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Scars Above is not a open world game, whereas its an experience of tackling the aliens with the varieties of weapons and utilizing inbuild skills of the scientists. When the combat with aliens is not going on, gamers would get an opportunity the explore the new whole planet while crossing a complicated set of paths and passages, through which it is difficult to find your way.The official launch date of Scars Above is yet not revealed by the developers. However in the trailer, they’ve mentioned that it would be soon available for PC gaming lovers.

Scars Above Minimum & Recommended System Requirements are ->

Minimum System requirement :RAM: 8 GB RAM
DX: Version 12
Operating System: Windows 10, 64-bit
Storage: 20 GB available space.Whereas the Recommended System Requirement to experience the best of Scars Above game is as follows:

DX: Version 12
Operating System: Windows 10, 64-bit

Storage: 20 GB available space

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