Full list of ios 16 Features & How to Install ios 16 updates !

Apple has released latest version of their operating system for iphones which is ios 16. The latest ios 16 features boasts loads of personalization in lock screen and camera, which is also a highlight of newly launched iphone 14.

ios 16 features
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Apple has now released ios 16 soon after announcement of the new iphone 14. The upgrade to all the iphone users would be available at free of cost.

Earlier this year in June, Apple’s Senior Vice President of software engineering department, Craig Federighi stated that ios 16 is one of the major updates from Apple and it would the way people experience iphone.

ios16 Features

The list of ios16 features include: 

  • Allowing users to edit or recall recently sent message. A message can be unsend within 2 minutes whereas users can edit message upto 5 times within 15 minutes.
  • A new toggle in camera that allows users to automatically share images, videos from icloud
  • Apple Pay later which allows user to split the cost of apple play purchase in four equal installments over a timespan of six weeks.
  • Schedule emails in advance in mail app
ios 16 features
Image Source : Apple
  • A new Lock Screen gallery features a range of options for inspiration, such as Apple collections, which include Pride and Unity to celebrate special cultural moments
  • Create multi stop routes in Apple map with upto 15 locations
  • Medication feature which allows user to create reminders and notification regarding medicines with additional information provided by Elsevier
  • Live captions for deaf community to make it convenient for accessing phone calls and other notifications.

Some of the additional features of ios16 which would be available later this year includes:

Live Activities – To get real time updates on lock screen on favourite events such as sports, food delivery status, etc.

How to install ios 16 updates

Do follow below steps to install latest version of ios in iphone:

Step 1 : Tap on Settings icon and navigate to General option

Step 2 : Now tap on software update option and then tap on upgrade to ios 16 at bottom of screen.

Step 3 : The download and installation would start and the new ios 16 features would then be available for users to customize in iphone.

ios 16 compatible iphones

According to Apple, the new ios 16 update is available for all the iphone 8 and above models. The list includes all the models of iphone 14, iphone 13, iphone 12, iphone 11, iphone X, iphone 9 and iphone 8.
It also supports other iphone models such as iphone XS, iphone XS Max, iphone XR, iphone SE (2nd generation or later).

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